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Delivery Solutions for Domestic and Commercial Clients

When you require tried and tested delivery services in the UK, choose none other than Castley Couriers. Check out our service list today and find out which among our courier solutions best fit your requirements.

Our Services

Same-Day and Time-Critical Deliveries

We specialise in handling time-critical or sensitive consignments ranging from legal documents to pallets.

You can pre-book a collection for a specific time and date for a dedicated same-day courier delivery. We will ensure that a courier is with you at the time required and our professional and trained drivers will also make sure that your instructions are adhered to should the delivery have to be made at a given time or to a particular person.

There is no more secure method of transporting your goods than using one of our same-day courier vehicles. From collection to delivery, your items will be cared for by one of our drivers, who are responsible exclusively for your goods until they receive a signature from the recipient–no distribution centres or transfers between vans.

Overnight and Next-Day Deliveries

Overnight deliveries prove to be a popular and cost-effective solution for a number of our clients. Consignments under our next-day package are generally collected late afternoon or early evening and are delivered directly to the end destination.

Regular and Contract Runs

If your business requires regular, daily or weekly parcel, package or pallet collections and you would like a personal service, then reach out to us to discuss your exact requirements. Collections for our contract runs are made from Bristol, Bath, Trowbridge, Salisbury and surrounding areas and can be delivered anywhere in the UK.

ADR and Dangerous Goods

In addition to our normal day to day deliveries, Castley Couriers are an established courier of hazardous and dangerous goods to destinations throughout the UK. Collecting from companies in a variety of industries including health and life sciences, chemicals, aeronautical, mining and resources, manufacturing, automotive and consumer commodities - we recognise that customers moving hazardous or dangerous products require assurances that their transportation is being carried out by an experienced company.

Hazardous Classes covered

  • CLASS 1 explosives
  • CLASS 2 Gases
  • CLASS 3 Flammable Liquids
  • CLASS 4 Flammable and Reactive Solids
  • CLASS 5 Oxidising Agents & Organic Peroxides
  • CLASS 6 Toxic and Infectious Substances
  • CLASS 8 Corrosives
  • CLASS 9 Miscellaneous

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